Zbigniew Brzozka

prof. Zbigniew Brzozka

Tenured Professor

M.Sc., Warsaw University of Technology, 1977

Ph.D., Warsaw University of Technology, 1982

D.Sc., Warsaw University of Technology, 1991

Prof., Warsaw University of Technology, 1998

Research interests:

The principal research interests focus on two directions: 

1) Molecular recognition based on supramolecular chemistry and its application to chemical sensors suitable for monitoring in clinicaldiagnostic and environmental protection, This direction links with new carriers for chemically modified field-effect transistors, membrane ion-selective electrodes, fibre-optic sensors sensitive to ions and neutral molecules. One of the most interesting topic is anion recognition, a rapidly developing field of supramolecular chemistry. In nature, the selective complexation of anions takes place by hydrogen bonds. I am focused on a novel type of neutral anion receptors consisting of a combination of a Lewis acidic center and fragments involving hydrogen bonds

2) Miniaturized analytical systems (Lab-on-a-Chip) for monitoring of bioanalytes. Emphasis is now also being laid on the applications of polymer microfabrication technologies to microchemical analysis, such as Lab-on-a-Chip and m(bio)electrochemical systems based on chemical reactions and/or various type of detection principle.

Tel.: 48 22 234 5427, Fax: 48 22 234 5631, E-mail: brzozka@ch.pw.edu.pl

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